A) Help people and families in needs.
B) Help businesses to grow with free marketing campaigns, find candidates, and place jobs positions.
C) Help the global economic to grow.
D) Help to reduce crimes and violence due to the poor economic.
E) Help to reduce hungriness, homelessness, human/animal trafficking, lack of education, bankruptcy, eviction, and unemployment rates.




USA Jobs & Services wants globally help other people to find a place to work or to open their own business.

USA Jobs & Services wants to help families with some necessities such as shelter, food, clothing, housing materials, fix home damages, build houses, and refer families to other organizations, corporations, or employers.

USA Jobs & Services wants to help families around the world to have a better lifestyle.


General Description


USA Jobs & Services is looking to connect worldwide with other Businesses, CEOs’, Corporations, Educational Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Factories, Government Officials, Investors, Journalists, Leaders, Mentors, Motivational Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Politics, Public Figures, Organizations of all types, Radio/TV Hostesses and State Governments to help accomplish a common goal among countries.

USA Jobs & Services believe that if we all collaborate helping others, we will collaborate to stop many people from suffering, pain, sadness, awful, and misserable  situations.

Now it’s time to say:

“no more unemployment, no more hungriness, no more no place to sleep, no more violences/ crimes, no more human/ animal trafficking, no more lack of education, no more houses/ businesses bankruptcies/ evictions”,

USA Jobs & Services is giving out free life/business coaching/mentorship.

Get involved, no tomorrow, no next week, but TODAY!

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