What to do to find Jobs/Services/Career/Classifieds in USA or overseas!

#Tips to #find #Jobs/#Services/#Career/#Classifieds in #USA or #overseas.??

You can write a short bio about yourself with your:
-#skills, certifications,
-type of position that you are looking,
-in what area you are locate and willingness to relocate if any,
-if you are looking for full time, part time, or freelance position,
-what can you bring to the table to that future company if they hired you.


Place that bio on a comment on my job post inside my page/ Web about what type of work you are looking so other people can see it.

You can share that post around the medias you want, all of our groups inside my page down (groups), other groups you belong, your network, and families, so more people get to see it and they also can share it.

Send us your #resume /CV to corp@usajobsservices.org to keep you in our records for any possible placement that can fit to you and to be uploaded in our website data base and medias where all resumes are going to be posted for potencial employers can search.

Please be clear and make sure to leave an email or number of you wish too.

*Keep in mind that anything that you share online is going to be public.


*Do not share any documentation till you first do your own research about that its company genuine.

“Never Give Up”